David Ettridge

David Ettridge
Born in Adelaide, South Australia, June, 1945.

Married Ashley Were on August 21st, 1962. Great, great, grand-daughter of the Melbourne stockbroker J. B. Were.

First born daughter, Carolyn. February 10th 1963

Twin daughters, Deborah and Anne September 9th 1965.

My life has been interesting.

My English father took our family to England in 1952 where we lived for 3 years.

I met U.S. rock stars of the 50’s, Bill Haley, Freddie Bell and the Platters backstage on their Australian tour in 1957. My father owned Adelaide Stadiums and had the lease on the Theatre Royal also known as Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide where he promoted Boxing and Wrestling during the 1950’s. Big name American Wrestlers would visit our home and I would later see them banging their heads together in the ring. During this period my father sublet the venue to U.S. promoter Lee Gordon for the 5 Bill Haley concerts.

Also during this Theatre Royal period of my life, I sold Wrestling and Concert programmes with a young fellow named Tony Monopoly. Tony went on to be a big name singer in the UK, and he won the U.K.’s ‘Opportunity Knocks’ 7 times in a row. I remember being embarrassed when Tony would start singing on the footpath outside the Theatre. He sold out London’s Talk of the Town nightclub regularly and was the only entertainer to do so. He died at age 51.

In my mid-teens I played drums and sang with a local Adelaide band named The Coasters. I continued playing in bands until the age of 31.

Coasters 1964 001
Coasters, 1964

I attended the Press Conference for Roy Orbison and his support act the Rolling Stones when they played in Adelaide in the mid 60’s. I went backstage and spent some time with the band in their dressing room at their Adelaide concert.

I played State Level Rugby Union on tours to Victoria, NSW and Qld representing South Australia in under 17, under 18 and under 19 teams. Position: centre and wing.

I presented advertorials on Channel 9 Sydney, for a period of time on the Ernie and Denise morning show, for Queensland Real Estate.

Mid 1980’s. I developed a corporate fundraising project for UNICEF in Australia. It was very successful and was extended to New Zealand and the UK. I conceived, implemented and conducted National fund-raising led by celebrities Audrey Hepburn, Jeremy Irons, Phil Collins, Paul Hogan, George Cole, John Denver & others.

Conducted Corporate fundraising with World Vision in Australia and New Zealand in early 1990’s. My concept raised millions of dollars.

The fundraising concept I developed for UNICEF was sold to the world’s largest consumer product companies in 3 countries – Cadbury, Nestle, UNIFOODS, Colgate, Kellogg, Sanitarium, McCains, Smiths Chips, Watties, Kimberley Clarke, Bowater Scott, SC Johnson, Reckitt and Colman and many other consumer product companies. The project was launched with in excess of 90 consumer product brands in each country taking part in a co-ordinated National campaign that raised millions of dollars and massive public awareness for UNICEF and later WORLD VISION. I wrote, directed and produced television and radio advertising, secured the celebrities, prepared the marketing material/video presentations etc and sold the idea to the Marketing Departments of the target Companies and major supermarket chains internationally. I also visited the U.S and Canada to research the establishment of the same concept in those countries, however I concluded it was not likely to be viable in either country for a variety of reasons.

I once spent a day with supermodel Elle McPherson when we rode bicycles from the Sydney Opera House to Cronulla to raise money for the Autistic Children’s Association.

On another occasion after we did some media publicity shots, I went shopping with actress Sigrid Thornton in a Melbourne Supermarket.

I filmed a TV ad for UNICEF with Phil Collins at his Genesis studio/farm in Chiddingfold England. Did the same thing with Jeremy Irons in London.

On a London trip, I was invited by Jeremy Irons Personal Assistant to attend a public presentation by Jeremy and his wife Sinead Cusack at his village hall at Watlington near Oxford.

In mid 90’s I created a youth motivation magazine called ‘Champions’ to assist in building confidence and self esteem for teens in Australia. This magazine was launched in association with McDonald’s Family Restaurants and placed in every high school in Australia. It was adopted by the Melbourne based ‘Right to Life’ organisation as a means of combating teenage suicides. 2 issues were printed and they delivered role model motivation by people such as Anthony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Olympian Carl Lewis (who I met in Sydney) and others. It was considered to have been a great success in assisting the targeted group of young Australians.

'Champions' magazine
‘Champions’ magazine

In the late 90’s I was recruited to assist in the promotion and development of a new political party which became known as ‘One Nation’ – a name and logo which I created. It became perhaps one of the most recognisable logo’s in Australia for a number of years.

I became the party’s National Director in charge of fundraising, administration and marketing. In its first electoral test we gained 22% of the Queensland vote in the 1998 State Election, and 9% of the National vote in the October 1998 Federal Election. Our success was so overwhelming that I and a co-founder were politically attacked.

We were falsely accused of fraudulently registering the Queensland branch of the party. We had not, and no law was ever breached. A lengthy Fraud Squad investigation reported that no laws had been breached, but we were still charged. Not only was the Crowns charge against us something we did not do, it wasn’t even an offence under the Electoral Act.

A major conspiracy to maliciously miscarry justice was undertaken by the Qld State and Federal Governments (the establishment). This saw us eventually dragged through a corrupted judicial system until we were sentenced to be imprisoned for 3 years. Following a National outcry, an appeal 11 weeks later had our convictions quashed and sentences overturned. The absurdity of the persecution was exposed, but the damage was done.

'Tensation' board game
‘Tensation’ board game – 2003
‘Legends’ – 2005
'Wordmaster' game
‘Wordmaster’ game – 2013

Following my release from prison, I wrote my first book in 2004 called ‘Consider Your Verdict’ It detailed an alarming account of the abuse of judicial process by the Queensland political and judicial system. It sold out. Two documentaries are currently being developed to record that dark period of Australia’s shameful political history.

I have been listed in Australia’s Who’s Who since 1998.

In 2003 I invented a numeric board game called ‘Tensation’ and in 2005 I invented another board game called ‘Legends’. ‘Tensation’ has merit as a numeracy education product and has been sold to schools, nursing homes and the Alzheimers Association of Australia. In 2013 I invented my 3rd game called ‘Wordmaster’- a word game with some similarities to Scrabble.

I have written the lyrics and melodies for 12 songs and have had two recorded. One, ‘Christmas with an Angel’ has been played on various radio stations around Australia.

I am in good health, positive, confident, never been a drinker or smoker and I get things done. I know my way around marketing and product development.


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